About Us

The Intensive Care Society is the largest multi-professional critical care membership organisation in the UK that welcomes medical, nursing and allied healthcare professionals from across the world.

Our members take care of the sickest patients in hospital and support their families. For almost 50 years the Society has provided educational resources, support and advice to our members, patients and relatives. We are dedicated to ensuring they have all the tools needed to deliver the highest quality of care to the sickest of patients in the UK.

Our Vision

The society's vision is a world where every member of the multi professional critical care team has a voice and plays a part in research, education and standards-development.

Our Mission

We represent the views of the multi professional critical care community and help them by providing opportunities for knowledge exchange to support learning. We enable them to contribute to research and standards development.

Our Values

Our values define our culture and are at the heart of the intensive Care Society - who we are, what we do, and how we do it.


With over 3000 members, the Intensive Care Society is the largest multiprofessional critical care professional network in the UK. Membership offers you the chance to become part of an International network of Intensive Care Professionals.

Alongside this, you will also receive the opportunity of a discounted registration rate at the State of the Art Conference!

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Membership Type
SAS Doctor
Senior Trainee (years 5-7)
Trainee (years 1-4)