Our Trustees, Council and Divisions are comprised of members from the multi professional ICU team and non healthcare professionals (Lay Trustees) who volunteer their time to contribute to the advancement of intensive care supported by the Society's dedicated staff team.

Our Trustees

The Intensive Care Society is governed by a Trustee Board made up of: 


  • Four clinical professionals elected by the Society's Council
  • One past Council member
  • Three independent Lay Trustees
Our Trustee Board is chaired by the Society's President  and supported by our Chief Executive. 


Our Council

While our Trustee Board are charged with the governance of the Society, our Council is responsible for the professional aspect surrounding intensive care by highlighting key issues and providing clear direction for the Society to ensure that we are supporting the intensive care community in the right way. 

Our Council members are made 20 representatives from across the multi professional intensive care team:
  • Consultants
  • Junior doctors
  • Nurses 
  • Allied health professionals (AHPs)
  • Specialist advisors 
Our Council is chaired by our President and supported by our Chief Executive.

Our Divisions

The Society has five Divisions in which all of its strategic outputs fall under.


  • Standards and guidelines
  • Research
  • Public affairs (including a patients and relatives committee)
  • Professional affairs
  • Learning. 
Each division is chaired by a Council member, supported by a member of the Society's senior management team and reports in to Council and Trustee Board. 

Our Chief Executive

Our Chief Executive is tasked by our Trustees to manage the day-to-day operation of the Society and the members of staff based in the office.