Tuesday 6 April 2021

Sustainability at the Intensive Care Society

Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and we all must do our part to significantly reduce the carbon emissions which cause it. Recent human activity has caused atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration to soar, with CO2 emissions rising to levels not seen for the past 3 million years.

This CO2 traps energy in our atmosphere, which results in warming of oceans, rapid temperature rises, melting ice and rising sea levels. If these continue to rise, in 30 years the current homes of up to 35 million people will be underwater.

In 2019 humans burned:
  • more than 200 thousand kilograms of coal
  • more than seven million litres of oil; and
  • more than 119 million litres of natural gas
    per second.

    We also destroyed our forests at a rate of about 1 football field per second.

    Sustainability at the Society

    We know that we all must play our part in looking after our planet.

    Our Sustainability Project, led by Council member Hugh Montgomery, will explore where we are in the battle against rising emissions, and what action we can take as a Society and as individuals to do our part.

    We’ll be running a series of events with expert speakers, beginning with our first event Climate Change Urgency and Action: The road to a better future on 22 April to mark Earth Day.

    This free seminar will feature 10 speakers from 2pm-5pm who’ll discuss why we need to take action on climate change, and how we can.

    You can find out more and register here.

    Carbon Footprint

    We’ll be asking all attendees to our events to calculate their carbon footprint using the WWF environmental footprint calculator. Whether you’re able to attend one of our sessions or not, it’s a great tool for tracking your impact on the planet, and learning about what changes you can make to limit it. You can also share you results with us.
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