Collaborating for the future of critical care research


The next ten years are going to be an exciting decade for UK critical care research and the Society will be at the heart of it.

We were delighted to host a roundtable event on 1 July, 2019 – the Presidents Research Workshop was attended by 29 professionals, including ICS Research Division members, multidisciplinary representatives, and partner organisations - ICNARC , UKCCRG , the NIHR National Speciality Group , NARCOTIC , BACCN as well as other representatives from the wider research community. 

Together we discussed the stunning trajectory of UK critical care research over the last decade, and the best way for the Society to work with our members and partners for an equally vibrant next decade.  

As a membership body and the voice of the multi-professional critical care community, we have a unique role in priority-setting, endorsing, promoting, and disseminating research. As a charity, we can fundraise independently, support and incubate new researchers, and pump-prime research that goes on to attract major governmental funding. Through our educational and communication activities we can host, train, provide networking, and help to navigate the complex UK research landscape and make it more accessible and open to the next generation, as well as building deep partnerships and providing support and hosting to other bodies.

We will publish the workshop report in full, but we also want your thoughts. Come and talk to us, and join the conversation - write to  or on twitter @ICS_updates